Motion Controller

DDCS V3.1 3-4 Axis 500Khz CNC Standalone Motion Controller

The DDCS V3.1 is updated from DDCS V2.1,which fix the bugs on software and hardare.DDCS V3.1 is a 4 axis motion controller for stepper and servo systems,the numerical control system adopts the ARM+FPGA design framework. ARM controls the human-computer interface and code analysis and the FPGA provides the underlying algorithms and creates the control pulse. This guarantees reliable control and easy operation. The internal operating system is Linux based.

•  16 opto isolated digital inputs,3 opto isolated digital outputs;

•  Upgrade algorithm,support soft interpolation,fixed arc interpolation bug of the old version;

•  Analog spindle control 0-10V spindle control (can be modified as PWM output);

•  3-4 axis motor Control.Differential Pulse and direction output signal,Max.500Khz per axis;

•  ARM9 main control chip,FPGA core algorithm chip;

•  5 inches TFT screen, resolution ratio: 480x272,17 operation keys;

•  24VDC power input, minimum Current is 0.5A;

•  USB flash disk support for G code file input,no size limited of the G-code file ;

•  Support standard MPG;

•  Jog function for each axis (continuous, step, defined distance);

•  Support the operation of quickly specify the running position;

•  Support for “Power Cut” recovery. Data is automatically saved;

•  Support the origin and Limit share the same Input ports;

•  The controller only support NPN type limited switch.

The front panel is 191mm*128mm*5mm

The main body is 191mm*128mm*37mm

To mount the unit in an equipment cabinet, cut the hole182.5mm*59mm





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